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4 Pillars of Health Retreat

Come to our beautiful venue in Somerset for a weekend of Immersion and Empowerment, full of tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling your Glowing self!

Retreat Hosts

Hayley McAlinden Glow Botanicals Founder, studied Yoga in the mountains of India in 2010. Her teaching style is a dynamic vinyasa flow, incorporating breathing techniques to help detoxify organs and relieve stress whilst improving flexibility, stamina and muscle tone. With Hayley’s down to Earth style of teaching, encouragement and inspirational music you’ll feel a sense of blockages of the mind & body melt away. Always finishing with a deep relaxation to soak up the benefits of the practice. Hayley is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She combines all aspects of healthy empowered living with a worldwide client base.
This Retreat will be equipping you with the knowledge of the Four Pillars of Health: Movement – Nutrition – Detox – Stress Management. Hayley will be sharing tools and strategies for optimum health.

Gemma Cooke is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist and group Fitness instructor with over 10 years experience.  Her journey started back in 2008 when she was really unhappy and found herself dependant on food to control her moods. She finally decided that something had to change and things needed to be done differently.  Rather than yoyo dieting and taking part in exercise classes she didn’t really enjoy, she knew she needed to look deeper into her emotional behaviour and find out what was really causing her to fail.  After a ton of research she decided to start a nutrition, exercise and meditation plan that looked  at the body as a whole.  At last she finally felt at home in her body and decided to enrol on a PT course so she could pass the knowledge on and help to empower others.  These days she eats well, trains hard and feels great.  Nutrition is a huge passion of Gemmas and she believes that eating wholesome, nutrient dense foods are nourishing for your soul.  She also loves the way that exercise releases those feel good endorphins and helps channel any frustrations and clears her mind.  She enjoys different types of exercise from lifting weights, mountain biking, yoga, pilates and trekking in the mountains.  She is really passionate about helping people find more happiness in their everyday lives and to find a form of movement that suits them, there really is no one size fits all.  While she isn’t hosting her own retreats you can find her teaching fitness at Jason Vales Juicing retreats in Turkey and Portugal.

 Example Itinerary 


6.30pm  Arrival

Intention Setting
 Glow Botanicals Facial


Yoga Class 
Workshop - 4 Pillars of Health
Lunch - Veggie Buffet
  Nature Walk
Educational Documentary 


 Fitness/Yoga Class
 Resistance Bands - Full body workout
Lunch Veggie Buffet
Mindful Walk
Yoga & Sound healing
 Home Time



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